Relatively Unknown Facts About Collies


Originally bred for the herding purpose, Collies are an energetic and loving breed. They are very amicable and get along the family well. Besides their long fur coats and enthusiastic temperament, do you know enough about the Collies?

Keep reading to find surprising facts about Collies.

  • Collies were initially bred as herding dogs more than 300 hundred years ago. The breed started somewhere in the region of Scotland and the breed’s ancestry can be traced back to a single dog whose name was Old Hemp. Although Collies are more mild-mannered than other herding dogs, they are very efficient at their work. The Collies are extremely smart and have an innate predatory instinct. They are efficient at chasing after the sheep and keeping them in line. However, due to their genteel nature, they do not kill.
  • Collies are a smart animal and pick up tricks very swiftly. However, it is necessary to train them the right way. Teaching them essential tricks like sitting down, backing off or other equally important commands are very important so that they do not pick any bad habit.
  • Collies are an extremely popular dog breed because of their luxurious long coats and remarkable intelligence. Rik and Diane Stirling are proprietors of the Stirling Collies and are experts at breeding the healthiest Collies with the lushest coats.
  • Collies are very energetic dog breeds and love to play and exercise. However, at the same time, due to their superior intelligence, they can also get bored if they do not have anything interesting to keep them engaged. These dogs need constant stimulation. Hence, it is necessary that you set aside a significant part of your everyday schedule for playing you’re your pawed friend.
  • Collies primarily come in three main types – Border Collie, Rough Collie and Bearded Collie.
  • Collies have also been utilized as rescue dogs because of their expert tracking skills.
  • Collies have a relatively long life. On average, most Collies have a lifespan of fourteen to fifteen years while some can even live up to nineteen years.
  • Like all other dog breed, Collies have their own share of health problems. They generally suffer from eyes and skin related problems and can even develop deafness in old age.
  • Collies can track and hunt other creatures with a lot of precision and accuracy. They do this by crouching down in a cat-like position to give them stability and speed.
  • Collies hold the pride of being the smartest of all dog breeds. Quick to learn and easy to train, the Collies are the perfect blend of beauty and the brains!

An absolute delight to own, the Collies can be extremely easy to train and a pleasure to have in the house.


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How to take care of your Collies tips by stirling collies

As an eager pooch darling, will undoubtedly begin to look all starry eyed at Stirling Collies. They are charming to take a gander at; however separated from that, they are to a great degree clever, friendly, and love sports. You couldn’t request a more impeccable buddy! You might need to look at a portion of the tips posted underneath, to enable you to deal with a Stirling collies. This brand of the collie is amazingly amiable and adores a lively exercise, so you have to take satisfactory care to ensure that they get the perfect measure of activity and physical movement.
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Stirling collies: A crossbreed which outflanks others

What is the most imperative thing that a man needs? A decent companion. What’s more, what better animal can fill that need than a puppy. In any case, on the other hand, a great pooch is a hard thing to discover these days. The most imperative thing that a man neglects to see is the type of the puppy.


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Cross Breed Collies may be smarter than you think!

Stirling Collies might be keener than you may suspect. The exploration at Stanford Institute has guaranteed that cross-breed pooches are obviously better than those high breed standard puppies. The issues with unadulterated breeds are not the absence of essential insight, but rather a greater amount of the mishappenings that are related to each breed. For example, German Shepherds are viewed as the third sharpest breed on the planet, yet the vast majority of the best from the breeds like the collies from Germany experience difficulty with their hips bringing about intellectual issue along the life of these canines. It is apparent that conditions like Hip Dysplasia could prompt Spinal disfigurements and later could add to stomach related clusters in canines.

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It’s always amazing to have your little furry friends by your side and when they’re Collies, the deal becomes even sweeter! Collies are a highly, reliable and friendly breed of dog, primarily used for herding purposes. They are extremely robust and amicable, apart from being the perfect defenders for agricultural and livestock purposes. Originally hailing from the confines of Scotland and England, they are extremely flexible, resilient and possess impeccable stamina. And their extremely social nature helps them incorporate into the family structure.

But as multipurpose as they are, they need a little extra care and attention.  A collie can work for the entire day without any fatigue, which requires more nutrition to be able to stay fit to that extent.   One needs a thorough knowledge of their collie’s health status, as well as their food requirements to be able to raise a fit dog, as they are able to thrive in any condition. As various sources of literature are available for providing maximum care to the collie, one may at many times end up getting misled.

We, at Stirling Collies, have been providing Collies for breeding, show, pets, and working class, as we maintain all kinds of collie colors, sizes, and coat length. Stirling Collies spans across 8 acres of lush, green, country vegetation in Minnesota.  We are a Licensed MN breeder of Collies of the working, show or pet variety. We raise Collies, which are primarily used for show, breeding, therapy, and herding purposes, but our breeds fit well into family setups and get along well with children, and other animals. Gentle, friendly, extremely loyal and well trained, our Collies have been serving households and livestock setups with excellence for over 25 years.

Stirling Collies deals with varieties of Sable & White (Lassie type), Tri-Color, Blue Merle, Sable Merle, and White Collies.  They come in a smooth coat (short hair), or a rough coat (long hair – Lassie look).

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With our flawless flight-scheduling regime, we can transport Collies across the US, Canada, and many other international destinations, or we can personally deliver to your home. And the best part is that we incorporate the expenses of Vet Checks, CERF Examination, Vaccinations, Deworming, Interstate Health Certificates, Acclimation Certificates, AKC Registration Paperwork, and *Written Health Guarantee in the entire price package for our Collies.  So, you can be assured that we will provide you with a healthy, certified and verified Collie for your household, breeding program, or work purposes.

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