Toys and Games for Your Collie

When you adopt a dog, it is because you want a companion. You want someone you can love and care about. At the same time your dog is the one who keeps you entertained. But your dog needs to be entertained too. They need to be kept busy because idle dogs often become lazy or become uncontrollable. If you own a collie dog, then you should be aware of the toys that they like. Collies and Shollies like to remain occupied. They love it when you give them some work to do. Whether you’ve adopted the collie puppies from Diane Stirling or some other breeder, you should know what kind of toy will keep your Stirling collie busy and happy.  Stirling Collies offers some toys at their facility when you pick up your puppy, if adopting from them.

This list will give you some idea about the toys you need to buy for your collie.

Stirling Collies


  1. The Fetch Toys

Out of all the different kind of dog toys available, the fetch toys are undeniably a collie dog’s favourite. If you own a Frisbee or a ball and you have the stamina of throwing them for hours at a stretch then you have found the right toy for your dog. Collie love to play. Hence the game of fetch excites them.

  1. The Chewing Toys

These are special toys with soft bristles and spikes. They not only keep your collie entertained and interested but also help to keep their mouth clean. Make sure that the spikes are not sharp because there are high chances of them tearing off the spikes, or them getting stuck in your collie’s throat. Also the toys should be strong. Your collie might swallow chunks of it. So check the quality before buying.  Do not purchase rawhide products.  They are dangerous and, if swallowed, can get stuck in their intestines.

  1. The Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are a collie’s second favourite. They can spend days looking for the treat hidden beneath the complicated layers. The more complex the maze, the longer your collie will be interested. These puzzle games help their brain function properly. The more puzzles a collie solves the more intelligent they become. Collies usually are naturally intelligent.

  1. The Bed Toys

The bed toys are also another important kind of toy especially for puppies. While some like the soft teddy bears or any kind of soft toy to sleep with, others like dolls to cuddle with. It differs from one collie to another. Make sure you know what your collie likes before buying it.  Make sure to always supervise your collie while playing with toys.

  1. The Hide and Seek Game

Collies also love to play hide and seek. Whether it is with you or their toys, they absolutely love the game. Make sure you play this game if not every day, every alternate day. Don’t give them hints. Let them find your way to you.

So keep your collie entertained. Don’t let them get bored even for a minute. A happy collie is an energetic collie. Therefore take good care of them and keep them happy and satisfied.


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